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My name is Alexis aka Parakeet. I started reading cards after I inherited my Abuelas barajas and all of her spiritual supplies. I never in a million years thought I would be here. Three years ago I took a break from the matrix and embarked on a 912 mile trek in the woods where I lived out of my backpack and hopes and dreams for 4.5 months. During that time I walked with my heart, mind and soul over mountains, through caves and across rivers. I bathed in waterfalls and ate with the ants and trees. I was attempting a thru hike of 2,189 miles but my trek was cut short - both my grandparents fell ill and I went home to see them. They both passed on that year, during their last few months and moments I was given the keys to my spirituality and was shoved onto this path. It has been a scary, and beautiful ride that has drowned me in myself and opened my eyes to the immensity of the universe. I am here not just to learn but to remember. I have dedicated much of the last few years learning tarot, healing myself through Reiki and expanding my intuition. Join me in a session for guidance.




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